jacob, ive always for some reason looked up to you because i know your a person of thought and i know your a person of character. im always looking at what you post and always looking at what you say. you truely are a person of character and for that i respect you and wish that in high school i could have gotten to know you better. perhaps one day we could make music together. anyways brother im proud of you for you being you and sticking to it and not giving in to what the world expects. you are always in my book a person i respect and look up to. without you knowing 

William Jones
Music Teacher

 i for some reason love the person you are. but you truely are an inspiration to me as a person. ive always looked up to you. anyways man, your a much better musician than i, but i do love to play guitar. we share a love for music which is nice. hopefully someday we can jam. keep it up and never give up on what you love because that is the most important thing in life. 

Michael Kross
Senior Musicologist