This is Jacobthewilliam's store of Noise & Nonsense. 
Here you could find anything & everything relating to his 
compositions, concoctions, and creations
- A catalogue conveniently called “Considering Curiosities”
Comeforth, my cluelessly contrived convictions are compiled
and compressed into a comprehensible compound, 
convincing customers to continue commencing
The conduct code of companionship

Recording studio owner & Label founder, producer Jacobthewilliam has been working with sound since childhood for his father's rock n roll band who played regularly throughout the late 90's and early 2000’s. Since then, he has established himself in the world of Pop & hip-hop production having programmed over 1000 beats to date. Work with numerous bands spanned throughout high school & college - many of which included songs written by & performed with multi-instrumentalist jacobthewilliam himself - he has also managed to build up a separate collection of musicianship recordings now surpassing 2,000 songs & growing. With too many production credits to remember, his must popular work was freelancing with groups like The Shins, Everclear, & Modest Mouse. Today, his services include tracking, mixing, mastering, songwriting (folk, jazz, traditional styles), and custom instrumentals from programmed material such as hip-hop beats, pop, electronic, or musics involving types of sound synthesis... All the way to "live"  instrumentals including stringed instruments and real drums. Basically whatever your style or preference or your desire to create something never heard before, jacobthewilliam is not only capable - he's willing to try new things and explore new galaxies in the musical universe.


While you've been clicking through the vast (oversaturated) catalog of endless (useless) beats on this site &  others, has it occurred to you that THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME??? How quickly have you already determined a set formula's, patterns, sounds, structures, etc?? How inspired can you really be, in regards to "TYPE BEATS". Don't be ignorant. Don't be foolish. That shit is only a marketing ploy for online producers to actually make some money since dudes started charging $1/beat or even giving them away for free. They single handedly killed their own industry & I am very pissed off about it. Also, I'm here to tell you that type beats aren't going to save it. It's already a dying agenda so let me ask you: When you go to the grocery store and they have a thousand jugs of milk and since you're a conscious human you glance at the expiration dates. One of them expires next month, and another one expires in four months... which would you purchase? Uh huh, exactly. The free one of course!!!! Ugh, fuck me. This analogy sums up the horrific truth for producers like me attempting to earn SOMETHING/ANYTHING AT ALL by selling beats online today. 🙁

The moral of this rant? Artist should think of their skills like they think about their health: would you put just anything in your body? As you would invest a little more $ for better quality produce you will be healthier. However, if you decide to go with something else because it's free, it's likely going to turn rotten fast and make you sick. Think about it. Think about your skills and how it directly relates to your health. Think about your future. Go ahead... think... keep thinking about it... go smoke a cig and think some more... uh huh, very good. Now you're learning!!! 


Editing & Mixing services are available:

  • You finished your album but the quality doesn't meet industry standards?                                                                                                                                   Mastering services available! This will include collective track cohesion +                                                                                                      metadata information so it's ready to distribute. 
  • Album still needs artwork/graphics? That too....
  • A website to promote your new release/entire catalogue/anything? Yep...
  • A flyer/business card
  • A film/footage that needs an original score/unique music composition? 
  • A film/footage that needs proper sound design.
  • A film/footage that needs voice overs/dubbing/audio correction?
  • A film/footage needs visual graphics/editing?
  • A day/week in a recording studio w/ producer? 
  • I have substantial experience in 


Hey look - you found me! Good job.      
The difficult part of your journey is now over....     
you are not finished yet, my friend.   
You see...    
because of some poor choices I've made     
In the future (Im yet to recover from)   
I should mention that I NEED YOUR HELP      
affording my drug habit!    
(It wont cost you much)    
but, if you cannot offer your help    
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then it's probably not such a bad idea      
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Either way...  don't be fooled by my jibber-jabber   
 It is only Noise & Nonsense. &   
you are much too intelligent   
for that.   
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All beats on this playlist are available for purchase/ lease. The terms are negotiable and I am flexible and gracious so long as you respect me and my art by not stealing from me. I don't care if you download it and you n your friends freestyle over it, or maybe you  recorded a few verses to just for fun  - ok.... That’s flattering and all but LISTEN… HAVE FUN ON OTHER PEOPLES BEATS!! THERE ARE A SHIT TON OF FREE BEATS OUT THERE! USE THOSE!!  I TAKE MY TIME AND MY CRAFT AND CAREER SERIOUSLY SO DON'T EVEN COME AT ME WITH THAT BULLSHIT!!!  Come on guys, it’s easier than ever for rappers or singers to find instrumentals as the industry has basically evolved into a Walmart - not to mention that the pricing of beats has become peanuts which is such a terribly sad reality for talented producers who’ve invested so much into this only to see no return. I shouldn't have to say this but I STILL get it all the time.
😘 anyway.....

My email is: . 
(if you want a beat for free and you have the balls to ask me, i might consider it. Just have a good story and i'll see what I am able to do for you. At least you will be asking rather than just taking cuz I can respect your honesty, to say the least) 

MY ADVICE: Please be self-motivating. And pledge to yourself to sound different. Be unique. Push the boundaries of music. No longer are you going to  impersonate popular artists. Your music will be a representation of you, all you, & only you. From here on out & forever more. (Repeat to self)
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Promo code:

Attention all BEAT-EATERS! Feeling uninspired lately? Maybe you have a bit of writers block going on? That's okay, it happens from time to time (sometimes). Anyway - when was the last time you truly treated yourself & went out 'n bought something nice (just for you)? We both know you've been working your ass off. That's good 'n all but you must always remember that it is VERY IMPORTANT TO REWARD OURSELVES FOR ALL OUR HARD WORK!!! Sometimes that's all it takes... to feel better & become inspired again. Who knows, perhaps I have the key that will unleash the beast in you? I see those teeth fam!  Yikes. I hear your growl. You're fucking starving & you need to eat! & NOW!! Eeek, ok ok yer making me a little nervous now ...maybe this wasn't such a good idea?? Aw fuck it, life is too short. Lets reward ourselves. Lets allow ourselves. TO EAT. TO BE [BEASTS] !!!

All instrumentals subject within this deal are available in the link provided & are then free to use however you want, where you want, as many times as you want. YOU MUST LIST JACOBTHEWILLIAM UNDER ANY/ALL PRODUCTION CREDITS!! After providing the promo code, your chosen instrumental will be delivered to your email in a .WAV format, with any vox tags removed, and free of all future restrictions!! This sale is for a limited time only and will come to an end on Friday, March 20th!! So take advantage while you can!! Instrumentals are $5 each, or bundle 5 together for only $20!! Let's help each other out.. as we're all just trying to survive here. Thank you guys so much! If you have any questions or anything, feel free to email me: JACOBTHEWILLIAM.BEATS@GMAIL.COM 
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- let me begin.. I am here introducing Old Grievance - A brand new record label based out of Portland, OR. Sign up today to follow their newsletter & every two weeks get delivered to your inbox: - 5 beats/instrumentals made by production team members Billy Busybody, Blind Unkle Vernon, & myself - Jacobthewilliam. (1 from each). I should mention that a lot of these will be constructed with real instruments, by our in-house band. - A handwritten poem scanned from my personal journal. These may be humorous or insightful or encouraging or torturous or complete nonsense, etc... but in general mostly simple observational themes as I write them. (Now I should mention that I've never shared my writings before this is a bit scary. However, the whole idea behind this is to push me out of my comfort zone. We'll see how it goes) - A brief lesson in the music industry/history as well as specific company news. These will include marketing and promotion ideas, music business and copyright laws, how anyone can earn money, audio production tips & tricks, songwriting and musical structure... You get the point. But my favorite section will be the history lesson. Most definitely. - AND any other random cool shit I feel like including! Such as free downloads of sample/drum kits I make. Plugins. I really don't even know yet! SO...All of these things are being combined together to make your day a little more enjoyable and to help us all become more PROLIFIC. Once again just shoot us your email and I'll see to it that every Bi-weekly issue will be worth your time! I promise I'll try my best and my very talented friends are offering a hand when needed. But if there's something you don't like, obviously you're welcome to unsubscribe at any time no questions asked. Thank You. Very much appreciated AS ALWAYS - Jacobthewilliam.BEATS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- & REMEMBER: SIGN UP TODAY AND YOU WILL BE DIRECTED TO A LINK TO DOWNLOAD 5 OF MY BEATS MY OWN HANDWRITTEN POEMS JOIN THE JOURNEY:
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