Licensor = Producer
Licensee = Client
Non-exclusive = The track is leased to the client and not owned.
Exclusive Rights = The track is sold to only one client and will be removed from the page.

NON EXCLUSIVE LICENSE (hereinafter referred to as the “Licensor” ) in accordance with the terms set out below grants to the Licensee (hereinafter referred to as the ” Licensee”) named below a license for a non-exclusive use of “Beats” hereafter downloaded/purchased from

1. Grant of Rights

Licensee or a customer of Licensee shall have the worldwide, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-divisible right for the unlimited use of the Beat only in synchronization or mechanical reproduction with other audio and/or visual elements added by Licensee for broadcast or non-broadcast purposes with only the following restrictions:

(a) The Beat cannot be duplicated by itself in whole or in part in any medium, tape or disc or otherwise, and resold, licensed, leased or in any other way used or transferred to any other party without the express prior written permission of Library.

(b) Licensee must obtain the prior written consent of Licensor if Licensee intends to reproduce and re-package the Beat with additional recorded instrumentation and/or vocals and release it as part of a commercially available audio phono-record or visual release when the Beat is a featured part of such project rather than an incidental or background element.

(c) Licensee must obtain an additional license from Licensor if Licensee or a Customer of Licensee intends to use the Beat in a Mass Produced and Marketed Product (including but not limited to DVD, CD-ROM, Video, Internet sales, Computer Games etc) that exceeds initial sales of 3,000 units.

2. Public Performance of the Beat

(a) Licensee or a customer of Licensee shall have the worldwide, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-divisible right to perform the Beat publicly for non-broadcast purposes (including “message-on-hold” or “advertising-on-hold” applications transmitted via telephone systems including theatrical motion pictures and full length direct to video motion pictures when the Beat is combined with other audio and/or visual elements added by Licensee and where the Beat is not a featured part of any such presentation but rather an incidental or background element.

(b) If Licensee’s use is an audio-visual use which is broadcast over television, radio, cable, satellite or similar medium, then Licensee agrees to exercise reasonable care to make such broadcast information available to Licensor so that Licensor can arrange to collect its performance fees on the Beat from the performing rights society with which Licensor is affiliated.

3. Licensor warrants that: it is the holder of the copyright in the Beat and/or has contracted the rights to the Beat, it has full power and authority to enter into this License and to grant Licensee the permission accorded under this License.

4. While Licensee by this License acquires the physical property embodying the Beat (media) and the license to use the Beat as described in this License, Licensee does not acquire any ownership rights in the Beat or its underlying copyrights.

5. If the Licensee does not comply with the terms of this license, or fails to pay for the license of the music, all rights granted to Licensee shall terminate, and reserves the right to any other remedy available by law.

Exklusive license:

When exclusive rights for a beat have been purchased, the beat get’s removed from the site and will not be sold again.